Specialising in:
Gluten free
Cholesterol free
No added sugar
No added salt
Low fat
Low GI
Good source of fibre
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Raw and Roasted Nuts

Almonds (some varieties are insecticide free)
Pine Nuts
Brazil Nuts
Mixed Nuts

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Grains, Flours & Seeds

Flakes – Corn (low gluten), Rice and Triticale
Bran – Rice, Oat and Soy
Meal – Slippery Elm, Fibre Works, Psyllium Husk, LSA, Semolina and more
Rice – Bio-Dynamic Brown and White
Flours – Gluten free, Potato, Chic Pea and more
Seeds – Sesame (chemical free), Alfalfa, Pepitas and more

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Gluten Free
High Protein
Low Fat
LSA, Fruity, Oven baked and more

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Dried Fruits

Apricots (some varieties are organic)

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Legumes & Pulses

Adzuki Beans
Lima Beans
Black Turtle Beans
Blackeye Beans
Borlotti or Cranberry Beans
Cannellini or Great Northern Beans
Chic Peas
Mung Beans
Kidney Beans

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Mixes & Snacks

Rio Mix
Sunshine Mix
Bhuja Mix
Fruit & Nut Mix
Nibble Mix
Pretzels Mini’s

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Festive Cake Mix
Carob and Yoghurt
Licorices (some of varieties are gluten free)
Spices and more

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