Soland Health Foods
Soland Health Foods

Specialising in:
Gluten free
Cholesterol free
No added sugar
No added salt
Low fat
Low GI
Good source of fibre
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The Soland brand was established in 1991 and is part of Select Harvests’ portfolio of brands. 

Soland is a leading brand in health food stores and pharmacies throughout Australia, specialising in natural health food and quality whole food products.  The Soland range consists of over 500 products, ranging from 100g packs to bulk packs of 25kg.

Select Harvests is Australia’s largest almond grower, managing 60% of Australia’s almond orchards and is one of the largest almond growers in the world.

Select Harvests is also a leading manufacturer, processor and marketer of a range of nuts and associated health food products. They sell to retail, wholesale and food service customers and food manufacturers.  They export almonds to several countries in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Select Harvests is proud of its current certification to the food and quality management system – HACCP and SQF 2000 Level 3. We are also certified by ACO to pack organic products.


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